Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Direct Painting is my style!

It's interesting when you view the painting up close, you can see a whole mosaic of color strikes, but from a distance you have a white closed rose. The hardest part of this technique is to resist blending the colors smooth. Just strike on tones of colors and leave them.
The primroses were a lot of fun to create. Strike on the shadow centers of each petal, then the halftones above and below next to the shadow, ending with a light highlight tone on the petal edges and at the centers. Using the side of your brush pull from light to shadow sliding the colors together very lightly... this creates the streaks in the petals. Restate some lights on the edges if necessary.
This large rose didn't appear white until the dark background was added around the petals, then viola! a white rose with pink inner petals. Amazing what happens when dark surrounds light.

Our little nuthatch was the quickest bird I have ever painted ... what a fabulous technique. He was the first object that we painted in this piece, applying the dark background surrounding him. Everyone's bird turned out great.

This was our final painting at the Floral Seminar with Dave. It was one amazing piece, and painted in such a short time from start to finish. We were all impressed!! Thanks Dave for an inspiring Seminar.

till later Frieda