Saturday, July 18, 2009

Studio Shots

A number of Heritage Team members were at the Teacher Seminar, which made it extra special for all of us!

Here's Georgia, Donna Rose, and Bobbie laughing about something... we found lots to laugh about... it's the spirit of the Team. Behind Donna Rose, in the big black chair is where Dave sits to teach. Above his head, a video camera is mounted in the ceiling, which captures him sketching and painting, visible on the TV screen above him, and another one on the opposite wall of the studio, so that every seat is great!

This is such an adorable picture of Paul and Cathy, and impromptu Dave hugging them from behind... it captures their special friendship.

As you can see from the pile of papers and tracing paper sprawled out in front of me, I was inspired. I came home with 8 brand new designs... 3 for my magazine table, 2 Rogaland designs (even bought a large wooden plate at SDP which would work beautifully with one of these designs), plus 3 others for plaques or other small table tops... not sure yet. I was thrilled, just what I needed... a push out of the nest.

Arlene and DeAnn are hamming it up after trying their skills at some new painting techniques that Dave introduced us to. We could all see some serious potential in using these techniques for some quick and yet beautiful results in our paintings.

Brenda and Georgia are preparing their palettes for some painting time. Most of this Seminar is spent in designing, and learning... less painting. So now we get to play and learn some new painting tricks...painting outside the box with the Chippendale on a light background... looked pretty neat!!

Tomorrow, I will have some more pictures - taking photos of your paintings, silk screening sample boards and of course more studio teaching and gallery samplings coming up. Hope you're enjoying the behind the scenes happenings at the Jansen Seminars. I encourage you to take the time and attend, you will be inspired!!
till later Frieda