Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sharing Snacks from our Module Menu

Thought I would share a few snacks from Module 1. For those who are new to my blogspot, let me fill you in on my role with the Heritage Team. For the past number of months, I have taken the role of Editor for the new Heritage Education Manual.

What was I thinking when I accepted this challenge!!!! Honestly, to think I almost failed English class in school, and my first language was German... but don't tell the Team they are working with an amateur, haha. I had never done anything quite this monumental before... it has clearly challenged me to learn many, many new things for which I am truly grateful (I have a wonderfully patient son mentor, thanks Alex).
I love my job!!!

I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with the amazing Team of talented, brilliant artists and designers from around the world. Language barriers are removed when speaking the language of art, we understand each other, how cool!!

Our Team has come to realize the importance of having one person editing the Manual. I don't say this to brag in any way, it doesn't matter who that person is. The point is this simple fact is reflected in the layout consistency, the format within each lesson, the easy reference of the whole Manual, and so much more. It has harmony!! when there is a common colorful person (haha) eagle eyeing the whole thing, it adds harmony to the entire manual.

Each lesson is very precise, with a consistent format, so that anyone can find exactly what they are looking for in each lesson, without searching through pages and pages to find the information.

As a team we have listened to the many, many requests from former Tradition's Teachers for simple, fun and easy lessons for beginners, without all the pages and pages of text to read. We are committed to bringing you a program to get you painting not just reading. Lots of fun step-by-step worksheets; brush basics to develop your brush skills; color corners to advance your understanding of color & pigments; several design selections presenting the same objectives; and brilliant Step Photos taking you through each lesson, Painting Step-by-Step.

As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". I thought it would be nice to share small 'snacks from our menu' to wet your appetite. This is not meant as a tease, but to encourage you to start planning for the Fall release date for the Manual - October 1st, 2009, by inviting others to join you in some genuine painting fun. This Manual will be a pleasure to teach to your future bunch of students joining you in a great time of painting around the kitchen table or in your studio. The best part is that as they work through the fun designs, they are developing as artists without even being aware that they are learning skills as well as having fun.

This is the goal of the new Heritage Education Program. We hope that many of you will be joining the Team in celebrating a wonderful addition to our much loved passion of art.

A lot of hard-work and thought have gone into the layout of the objectives in the new Manual, and our Team can hardly wait to present it to you. If you have any questions please join us in the Forums... you can sign in at the http://jansenarteducation.com website. We'd love to meet you.

Check back for more snacks over the next few months.
till later

Love the way Serina has included herself handling a brush in this Beginner Landscape piece for Module 1. There are a whole bunch of these in her design lesson to help you understand the techniques that she has perfected over her career as an artist.

We've included a section in many of the lessons called Design Inspiration. Here is an example of what inspired Arlene to paint this Grisaille piece for Module 1, it is her beloved cat Murphy... we've even left his photo in the lesson... Arlene was thrilled!!

This tulip is just a snack of what amazing details Josette has included in her Painting Technique Worksheets with each of her designs. She has a real passion for teaching the Beginner student, which is reflected in her presentation of these study sheets.

Leaving Thursday morning, I'm taking a much needed break from the computer to have fun with the Jansens and as I can imagine a crazy bunch of students, haha, as we enjoy 4 days of learning with Dave. This is my first in-person Seminar with Dave (I've enjoyed many Retreat days with Dave on DVD), but I'm sure this will top them.
Till Wednesday next week Frieda