Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Labour of Love

Not much time for painting these days, but I'm having fun editing all the fabulous designs for the new Heritage Manual. Thought I would share what's happening in my little corner of the world. On my screen is a beautiful Zhostovo design by Tatiana Sholokhova, a Master Artist from Russia, who is on the Heritage Team building the new Educational System. Tatiana is developing the Zhostovo style from beginner to advanced throughout the Module System.

What I am working on is developing line drawings for Tatiana's designs. The greatest part of all this involvement, is that I am also challenging myself to learn something new, and thereby improving my own computer skills. Haven't mastered all the techniques, but I'm steady at it. I'm even learning to Photoshop elements in or out of designs, just ask Paul, haha... no one will ever notice that there are scrolls or flowers missing in a design... LOL!!! It's great fun... I may not be painting with a brush, but I am "painting" with the mouse.

For the past three months, I have spent every spare moment at the computer, learning new techniques to improve the quality of the new manual. Tonight, I asked myself Why? Why would I give up so many other things to be involved with this monumental task? The answer is quite simple... it's a labour of love... love of art, specifically art education and it's potential for growth as an artist; love of learning something new and the joy of that challenge, while keeping the mind active; love of this industry, for without it, I would not have the opportunity to experience the thrill of painting, and what it has brought to my life; and most of all the love of all of you, who will benefit in a huge way from the content that is being presented in this new Heritage Manual.

Each one of us plays a role in seeing our love of art, our passion grow. Whether the leader, designer, ambassador, editor, teacher, student... we all need to join together as one global team. As I thought about this tonight, I realized that it sure would be lonely if we didn't have each other to motivate, to inspire and to share our knowledge and experiences with.

This feels so right for my life right now, it is truly my calling for this season in my life. Working on the Heritage Team has opened up a new adventure which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Heading north to plant more trees at the cottage, so I will be taking a much needed break from the computer. I'm even taking a few Module C pieces along to finish painting, and of course a new novel, haha.
See you Monday when I return... Happy Victoria Day to those who celebrate this day.
till later Frieda