Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow in April

Ok this isn't fun, we have snow in April, and man is it cold out! This is our backyard... you can see my big veggie garden in the back right beside the big tree. Funny story, that tree was a twig growing in the garden, which I ignored, now I can hang a kid's swing from the branches... but need the grandkids first I guess. Would look a bit odd if John & I took up kiddy swinging. Perhaps swing dancing... nah we'll leave that for our kids, just not as young as we used to be.

Anyway, keeps me indoors to continue with lots of editing, but once that ground is warm, I'll be itching to get my hands dirty and plant some veggies... I can already taste the fresh picked tomatoes ... they sure beat the rubbery ones in the grocery store right now. Oh well, lots to do before then. Hope your day is a little warmer where you live. bye for now... Frieda