Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's almost over!!

It's hard to believe that it is almost done, just the finishing touches and tweaking, and then we get to frame them, yipeeee!! Our Willem van Aelst painting has taken Joan and I over a year to paint.

In January 2008, David Jansen suggested that we join him in painting this Dutch Old Master's floral bouquet. Each month a new DVD would arrive by snail mail, or a streaming video was added to the JansenArt website for us to follow along with David in painting our own piece. If you would like to paint it, the videos are still available... at http://jansenarteducation.com.

In the last video, Dave suggests to set it aside for a few days, then analyse it, and tweak it. That's the stage where I'm at, but I'm afraid it needs weeks to tweak, before it's ready for the final framing, ha! I still haven't finished the marble, and I need to lighten up the main hollyhock, push back the mouse, and bring the dragonfly a little closer.

It was definitely a very valuable painting experience, learning many new techniques and developing my skills as an artist... stretching me in many areas. I am so grateful for the opportunity of painting this amazing piece of art work with David, and want to say a warm and sincere thank you to David for taking so much time to make this available for all of us to enjoy!!
till later Frieda