Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time at the Shanty!!

It's not much to look at, only 10' x 10' with an upper sleeping loft, but it is our Shanty on 2-1/2 acres of cedar bush about 4-1/2 hours drive from home. It was cold this Easter weekend, but John & I enjoyed the time away. We kept a small wood stove burning to keep the chill out, especially at night (-3 degrees C), plus extra flannel blankets with our down feather comforter.

It was partially a work weekend, finishing up the wall panelling in the upper sleeping loft... it's all done now, hopefully the mice find new stomping grounds and stay out of our "mouse- proofed" Shanty (if there was such a thing, haha). Now, it smells like moth balls, which are supposed to keep out the mice, yuk. Also, worked on our wood shelter and cleared lots of bush for new seedling white pines, which are ready for planting first of May.
Oh!! but I did find some quiet time to start painting David's Module C-Lesson 9 design. Didn't finish, but had fun learning the process. I've applied the color layers and the gold, just a few layers to go, then I'll post the finished piece when it's done.

Tonight, at paint buddy night, I painted a watercolor from Paint Works magazine by Donna Richards... I'm not a huge fan of watercolors, I find it quite challenging to use very, very little paint, tending to use way too much each time and making a mess... but I am getting better at it.
Happy painting everyone! till next time Frieda