Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dave the Teacher!!

Even on break time, Dave is still teaching impromptu, he is amazing! He just loves all the questions from his students (or affectionately his "little monsters"), and shares all he can to help us understand.

Since this was a Teacher Design Seminar, we had lots of opportunity to design on Dave's favorite sketching surface, tons and tons of 11" x 17" paper... he buys it by the caseload. Here's Georgia, Elaine and Ann absorbing lots of great design ideas from Dave. He makes it look so easy, but it's years of practice behind each pen stroke.

Notice Cathy's big yellow note pad, I'm sure it came handy with the volume of information Dave shared with us.

Teacher Dave at the end of one table with the TV monitor picking up all his sketches and illustrations, so everyone can see. Notice the stack of books on the right, just below the TV... it was growing as the Seminar continued. My seat was right behind the pile, so a few more books and Dave would disappear, haha. Be prepared to jot down lots of ISBN # of recommended books... Martha's a wiz at buying books for Dave, so if you need help, just ask Martha!! she's the expert. Must order a few for pick-up at the next Seminar, hummmm, there's just too many to choose from.

Dave promised to teach us the important aspects of taking great photos of our finished pieces, and he delivered. Here is the set-up that he uses... 2 large sheets of non glare white mat board behind and under your painting. Prop piece at an angle to reduce glare from overhead lights, and use cardboard to reduce further glare in the room (Dave is holding it up). Always use a tripod with your camera set in AV mode to F stop of 6-8. AV mode sets the shutter speed automatically, or you can adjust it manual as well. Works great every shot.

For those going to a future Seminar, make sure you pack a sizable notebook and pen... as you can see by all the notetakers. Our brain just retains so much information before it begins the delete process, so notes are handy to jog the memory later on. DeAnn still had last years notes and jokingly compared them to this year... finding some repeats, but lots of new material to study.
You'll notice Arlene enjoying a wonderful frozen dessert sherbet packed in the actual rind of an orange. Food was all excellent, thanks to Martha.

Stay tune for more of Dave's gallery
till later