Friday, July 17, 2009

Dave's gallery

Inside the Jansen home is beautiful, with all of Dave's artwork on display. There are so many amazing furniture pieces painted in a variety of period styles. With Dave painting at least 200 pieces a year, it's a wonder there is any room left in the house. Even inside closets are stacked with paintings that rotate throughout the home. It's worth the visit just to spend time enjoying the gallery.

This hallway is lined with many of the designs from his DVD series. I recognized all the pieces from the Advanced Color set, and they are all gorgeous up close. There isn't a room in the house that isn't adorned with paintings, even the bathrooms.

On the fireplace hearth is a tryptic with the new design from the Georgian Scroll study Dvd series, a new one that I added to my ever increasing collection. It is the first of a continuing series on Scrolls. I'm slowly learning there are a whole host of scroll styles. Oh! I must share..Guess what? this week I mastered the 'Dave hook' on my scroll. I was very excited!!! I spent weeks trying to get it right. I was missing the "pull up on the chisel" before pulling my scroll... I did it first time!! Isn't it great when you finally get it!! Same thing happened with my comma strokes, it's all about the consistency of the paint in the brush... thin in the barrel, thick at the point for a comma.. and a full-load of thin paint for an S-stroke. Now you try it!! It works!

It's hard to pick just one piece that stands out... but I must admit this little table caught my eye. Isn't it adorable, I just love the design and the colors. Must find a similar table and paint something like it... very cute!!

This is one fabulous piece, I love the way Dave has designed the panels, connecting each one together... then edging the panels with scrolls. During the Seminar, Dave taught us how to design for multi-panelled doors. Repeating a common element in the design on each panel is important for establishing harmony. Have to check the Seminar Schedule, I can feel a Furniture Seminar calling me in the near future.

Every room has incredible furniture pieces, all designed and painted in different colors, but they harmonize beautifully. This marquetry table is from Dave's Dvd series, which I've also added to my collection, and next on my list to watch and study. The Team has added a number of marquetry lessons to the new Manual... taking us from a beginner pieces to more advance, I can't wait to learn more about this art form.

I'll share more tomorrow... studio pictures coming up, so check back...
till later Frieda