Friday, June 12, 2009

Barn Retreat Studio

What a view from up in the open barn loft!!! I'm standing in my future Barn Retreat Studio & woodshop, yipee!! I've waited and saved $$ for 10 years for this to happen, and it is coming along very quickly now. Hoping to finish by end of July. Then board and batten the exterior come Fall. We're hoping to get the back end up and shingled to keep some of the rain from damaging the ground floor.

Squaring off the edges of the roof cladding... can't wait to be squaring off some cabinets or decorative painting wood surfaces in very near future, yipee!!

This was quite the challenge to hang down while standing on an 8' ladder and nail every 6" to anchor the chip board sheeting to the roof trusses. While John worked from an outside ladder, I climbed the 8' step ladder, hanging down over the top of the roof. My arms were all scratched from the rough chipboard, stinging in the shower.

As the blood rushes to my head, just one more nail and I'm almost done. OK, we did it, enough for today... I'm bushed... time to relax and read my novel. Six months ago, John & I decided to turn off the TV for good. It's amazing how much time you have for painting, building, gardening, computer and reading, which are all the fun things I love to do. You can't keep adding more to your life, without first pruning something out.

Hope to see many of you at Nationals in Peoria, Illinois. Make sure you introduce yourselves, I'll be hanging around the JansenArt booth most of Friday and Saturday, so I look forward to meeting you.

till later happy painting to all of you. Frieda