Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sharing some my paintings

Most of these are from the Tradition's Educational Program, which I have studied for the past three years, and learnt so much about color theory, color mixing, and many new and wonderful techniques. The whale at the bottom center was probably my most challenging piece, which took me months to complete... but the learning and techniques that I discovered through this piece was worth all the effort. Many of these pieces I am painting for the second time with my student, and through this experience I have realized how much I have grown as an artist.
This Norwegian Telemark piece designed by David Jansen, was frightening at first. I am not a scroll painter and this looked overwhelming. So for my first attempt at scrolls, I am quite proud to hang this piece in my studio. It may not be perfect, but it marks an accomplishment in my artistic journey. It has given me confidence to tackle any scroll piece without fear.

These two door crowns are Arlene Newman's designs, which I painted many years ago, in my early learning years... and though they are not perfect, they still get rotated above my kitchen doorway every season. I also have completed the winter doorcrown, which still hangs there ready to be replaced by the summer watermelon one. I need to paint a spring doorcrown, to replace the winter one in March. till later... Frieda

Favourite spot at Stokes Bay shores

Ok don't laugh...just know that this is a favourite spot of mine at the cottage shore. John & I will be heading up to the shanty tomorrow for Easter weekend, but I'm sure it will still be too cool to paint outside.

Can't wait for the summer days of painting and relaxing at the shore. The piece I painted here is the Northern Parula, it's a free design by David, check it out at

Notice the limited palette. Till later...cheers Frieda