Thursday, July 16, 2009

1st time at Jansens

This was my first time at the Jansens taking the Design Seminar. I will be sharing photos of what it is like at Dave's, and what you have to look forward to, should you too have the privilege of attending one of his Seminars. It is truly worth every dime.
This view is taken from the back of the home... to the far right downstairs is the Studio with a walk out to the back patio, where Dave takes over as BBQ chef on Sunday evening. In the evenings, sitting out on the upper deck you can be amazed by the blinking lights of hundreds of fireflies.

Surrounding their home is acres of wooded bush, where an abandoned kid's playhouse still stands... perhaps someday to be occupied again with little Jansens, ha.

Being a wood worker myself, I had to explore the woodshop, where Dave Palmer fills the students wood orders. He just smiles when asked "Dave do you think you could make me a clock and have it ready when I leave on Monday?"... and somehow he manages to make all the ladies happy!!

Inside the woodshop, Jessica has come out to help Dave cut some larger sheets of MDF and birch, to sizes that are more manageable for Dave to rout the various trays and plagues that he makes.
I'll add more tomorrow, so until later Frieda