Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are these just the cutest!!

I know Easter is over, but I was packing away my decorated egg collection, and thought I would share it with you, so you can make some next year with your kids, or grandkids... they would love it!!

Tina stands by my "Easter tree", 10' tall pussy willow branches, which I cut from an old tree outback every year. I love to display my collection of decorated, blown-out real eggs.

These are our ART kids. Alex, Rita, and Tina. They are all quite artistic and creative.

ART all had a bl...ow...ast making them when they were still in grade school. After puncturing the egg on both ends, breaking the yolk with a knitting needle, they blew out the eggs, rinsed them with water, then decorated. We used a variety of lace, puffy paints, egg dyes, glitter, you could also use brush and paint... then strung embroidery floss through the two holes (top & bottom), added a loop & bead at the top, plus a string of beads down the tail, knotting in between. It was great fun!!

These would be great painting lessons for our Kid's Module, don't you think!
till later ..... Frieda