Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wood pieces from my wood shop

These are some wood pieces that I designed and cut in my woodshop over the years.

The Thread holder was a very early piece, and a great necessity since I had a very busy sewing business, and needed a place for my massive collection of threads. Not sure of the designer, but this design fit beautifully for the top piece. Also, created another holder for the larger serger spools of thread with a similar mouse design.

This cabinet holds my Mixed Tradition's paints and mediums. It was built for Donna Rose's French Regency design, which I completed recently.

The Old World Santa was a Joanne Karpff design and seminar at our local Decorative art guild that I attended many years ago. I decided to make him a cut-out to fit on the front of an old children's sleigh that I display each year at Christmas on my front porch. In the winter he hangs on his own in my art studio.

In my very early years of Decorative painting, probably 18 years ago, I cut-out a fairly large Canada goose out of 2 pieces of 2" x 12" x 20" pine board, screwed the two pieces together, lay-out the goose design and cut it out with my scroll and band saw. Then had fun painting it. It's original place of honour was to be a welcome sign to our Shanty cottage property, but since I had used a water sealer that blisters with direct sun, I changed my mind and kept it indoors. I'll share me nightmare of blistered paint in another post.

I love the smell of cut wood, can't wait to have the wood shop up and fully functioning this summer... so I can design and cut to my heart's content. Then paint of course!!! I may just turn the upper barn loft into a summer art studio, haha.... take my limited palette of colors and retreat to the barn and hide away from some hours of fun painting, in my own little world.
till later, cheers Frieda

Beam is up!!

Well it's up!!! yahoo.. a beam heavy enough to require at least 6 guys on ladders, what a nightmare to consider... instead this interesting contraption and hubby lifted the 20' x 7"x 16" beam and settled it beautifully in place. I was taking pictures, while hubby was doing all the lifting, it was amazing. His profession is in construction, so this was a "piece of cake" for him.

I'm so excited to see this project completed, since a large portion will be my own wood shop where I can build even more great surfaces for painting, or prepare some recycled trash to turn into treasures... there are lots of plans in the works... I have old trunks, and chairs that need repair and painted designs, and tons of wood scraps from the local lumber yard.

Great place for free lumber is your local lumber yard, they usually have a large bin back in the wood section filled with cut-offs for free or dirt cheap. I pick up all sorts of trim and pine board or MDF board (all thicknesses) to make into some fabulous surfaces to paint on.

I've always attended Coast to Coast for years, but this year the weather outside was perfect for building the barn, so I sacrificed the convention to stay home and get to work. But, I'll have you know that my hotel is booked for Peoria, Illinois for the Nationals, so I hope to see many of you like-minded passionate artists at the SDP convention in June. till later cheers Frieda