Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Planting while others are Painting!!

While a bunch of you were painting at the Jansen's...lucky you... I was at the Shanty property clearing dead bush and planting new white pine seedlings. But, it was great fun sharing this time with our family, and the weather was fantastic... sunny and just right for working.
Rita and Alex taking out some of the dead balsam fir trees to make room for the new pines.

Digging a basketball size hole is no easy feat... lots of rocks in the way. Used a pick axe to remove them and make it large enough for the tree roots.

While Rita & I dug the holes and John hauled dirt and helped us plant, Rob & Alex hauled water from the Bay. Could have used a mule, but the guys did a great job.

Doesn't look like much yet, but hopefully if the deer, porcupine and rabbits don't find our baby trees first, we should have 30 tall white pines filling in the backyard of the Shanty, and hiding the outhouse and woodshed.

Saturday was work day, and Sunday we were all in agreement... we needed a day of rest... so we slept and read novels and relaxed.
It wasn't a painting weekend... but I did read a whole novel, which was a great read!!

Felt great to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air, then relaxing by the shore watching the sunsets. till later Frieda