Monday, May 11, 2009

Uncovering the Past!!

Yesterday, we visited with my mother-in-law celebrating Mother's Day, and to my surprise she had uncovered a painting of her father that I had done in 1977. She had kept it stored in a plastic bag hidden in her closet for the past 32 years. About a month ago, I had asked her if she still had the painting, and that I would love to see it again, and show my kids some of my artwork from the good old days.

In 1977, I had enrolled in an evening painting class at our local high-school. We learnt in class how to "paint" using a palette knife (or more properly a painting knife) with oil paints. A painting knife is different than a palette knife, due to the curved blade, where your fingers hold the knife. A palette knife has a flat straight blade.

This is the original photo. On my own at home, I found this tiny 1" x 1.25" passport photo of hubby's grandpa, Peter Funk. and painted it on a large 16" x 20" masonite panel. Mind you, I did not have the luxury of enlarging it on a photocopy machine or using my Kopy Kate light projector. No such thing.
We've been talking on the Educational Forum, about a limited palette, and I remember many paintings that I did back then with only a handful of oil paints. The following rendition of my hubby's Opa is a monotone painting using Burnt Umber & White to lighten & some Black to darken his suit.

Looking at the painting now, some 32 years later, I can definitely see some flaws, (I've also made him skinnier), but I was just a beginner painter, and for that I think I did ok. Remembering that this large painting was first sketched free-hand from a tiny, tiny photo, then completely painted with a painting knife, no brushes involved, makes me rather proud of it. I didn't even own any oil brushes, just two special knives that I still use today... but not for painting, just for mixing colors. I haven't painted with a knife since 1977, don't even know if I still know how, haha.

Thought I would share a relic from the past. I think it's about time that I frame this painting, and proudly display it in my home. Hubby suggested painting it with Tradition's paints, but it's kinda sentimental... not sure if I want to paint it again. I like the memory of it... one of a kind.
till later Frieda